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Major Gifts Assure Additional Session of Camp Maddie for 2011

Two major gifts have assured an additional session of Camp Maddie in 2011 to take place in September on the 9th, 10th, and 11th.  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, through The Neighbor’s Keeper Fund, contributed $5,000, along with a like contribution by Allison Robbins, completed the financial requirements to guarantee the additional session.  Camp Maddie is a three day therapeutic camp for young homicide survivors, ages 7-17, providing the campers with the skills and knowledge to help them better understand their grief and cope with the additional challenges of day to day life, after losing a loved one to homicide.

The residential camp is complemented with Youth Hope, a quarterly day-camp program.. Both camp programs offer therapeutic, educational, recreational, and social activities, focused on providing and reinforcing the coping skills, needed by juvenile homicide survivors in dealing with their loss and grief.

Funding for one session of Camp Maddie and quarterly Youth Hope sessions, covering camp staffing, supplies, and facility rentals is provided by the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) as part of the annual grant award to Compassionate Families, administered by the Florida Office of The Attorney General.   Additional funding is required to supplement and grow the camp program through community activities.

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