FDLE Combs Middleburg Home Following Fatal Cop Shooting | Crime

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FDLE Combs Middleburg Home Following Fatal Cop Shooting

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- State law enforcement investigators are
combing a home that housed a meth lab where a Clay County detective was fatally shot and another officer

Detective David White was a
nine year veteran with the department, leaving behind a wife and two young children.

Detective Matt Hanlin is recovering from his gunshot wound.

On Friday, Florida Department
of Law Enforcement teams in white protective suits spent hours in the 16
year-old home located at 4874 Alligator Boulevard located south of Middleburg.

Ray Sutton who lives a block
away heard the gunfire Thursday night.

"I could not tell how many
shots and there were sheriff's officers all over in just a minute just
everywhere" said Sutton who has lived in the area 22

Sutton says he thought the home
had been abandoned, but noted people were staying there with a lot of traffic in
and out.

Carla Willis has lived in the community
since 1977 and did not hear gunshots from her home that is two blocks away on
Bull Creek Road.

"It is horrible,"
said Willis when seeing investigators in protective clothing working the crime

Investigators on the scene said
they hoped to finish up their work on Friday.  Calls made to the FDLE office
in Tallahassee for additional comment on the investigation have not been


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