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Possible 'Home Owner' Energy Audit Phone Scam

For well over a week now, a call comes in from 904-525-2895, a cell phone with a recording telling me about a free energy audit appointment I can set up and get $3,700 from a government program. I pressed one, as prompted, to ask a few questions about this free energy audit that was going to put $3,700 in my pocket (if I qualify).

I flat out told the fellow on the other end I wanted more information to do a news story on this “free public service.” He explained there was a bill signed into action by President Obama designed to help ease the rising out of pocket costs of energy for the average person. The $3,700 I might be entitled to is part of the stimulus bill. Not only would the technicians be able to come out to see if I qualify for the $3,700, but they would also do an energy audit and help save me up to 50% on my power bill.

I said I wanted a technician to come out, but I also wanted a photographer present when they did the inspection. I asked if I could have a phone number for the technician and I was told that is not possible. I asked what company he was calling from and he explained he was in a room full of people that can only take calls from the prerecorded prompt. I asked him who pays his check and he said the “Association for Saving Power.”

Each time I asked about how to get in touch with someone, the guy on the other end just went into his rehearsed sales pitch. I am sorry I missed the juiciest part of his pitch asking questions, because he mentioned this program is designed to help the country as a whole lessen our dependency on foreign oil, but I did not catch the details. 

I asked if I could speak to a supervisor and he told me all the supervisors were in a meeting. I asked if he could give me a number to speak to a supervisor at a later time and he again explained there’s no way to accept incoming calls.

I Googled the “Association for Saving Power” and nothing came up as a result. I told the guy on the other end about my Google search and he told me they don’t have a website because the program is so new. I asked him why a free, public service would not have a website and what public entity they partnered with so I could call for more information. I was again told there’s no way for me to contact the “Association for Saving Power.”

He repeatedly asked if I was a homeowner and when I wanted the technician to come out. I told him I have a problem with inviting a strange man into my home that I cannot call, especially if I cannot call the company he’s coming out to represent. He explained that all technicians are local licensed technicians that will show their credentials when they arrive and reminded me the evaluation is free.

The conversation went nowhere. I told him I refused to set up an appointment until I could call and speak to a supervisor. The guy on the other end told me I was asking too many questions and wished me a nice day before hanging up.


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