Wildfire Burns 60 Acres In Jennings State Forest | Environment

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Wildfire Burns 60 Acres In Jennings State Forest
Wildfire Burns 60 Acres In Jennings State Forest

MIDDLEBURG,Fla. -- For most of the day a thin veil of smoke covered I-295 south and parts of Clay County. The smoke was generated by a 60 acre wildfire burning in Jennings State Forest.

"A lot of wind behind it being produced by the thunderstorm that probably produced the same lightning strike," said Barry Coulliette.

Coulliette is operations administrator with the Division of Forestry. He said the fire was started by a lightning strike. 

"I got the call about 3:26 this afternoon," he said.

Coulliette said he launched four units to tackled the fire in Jennings state forest.

"We're at least a mile from the closest resident so I'm pretty confident everyone's going to be okay," he added.

Behind that confidence are fire lines his units were able to cut around the 60 acres to keep the blaze from spreading.

The fire is contained but Coulliette says the smoke might be a problem for Clay County residents, even if it is minor.

"Smoldering is going to produce more than than actual flaming, so there will be this residual smoke for probably a couple of days," he said.

For now they wait to see what happens next during these hot and dry conditions.

"For this particular fire, I'm okay, we did get a lot of lightning today we could have another one some other place," said Coulliette.

He said since December his division has been fighting wildfires off and on and the season is not over. 






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