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Adventure Landing Hosting a “Be Water Aware” Water Safety Day
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Adventure Landing Hosting a “Be Water Aware” Water Safety Day

Adventure Landing’s Shipwreck Island Waterpark is on a mission to make Northeast Florida “water-aware.”  May has been designated National Water Safety Month by the World Waterpark Association, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and the National Recreation & Parks Association.  As a WWA member, Adventure Landing is taking action to educate the public on how to prevent drownings, recreational water-related injuries and sun damage by offering educational information to the media during National Water Safety Month.

Adventure Landing is serious about safety and is dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe environment for families to bring their kids.  “It’s so important to be familiar with basic water-safety skills, especially during the summer months when people are more often in the water,” says Hank Woodburn, Founder.  “Not only could you save your own life with this knowledge, but you might also be able to save someone else’s.

On Saturday, May 21, from 9am-Noon, Adventure Landing is offering its waterpark patrons and season passholders a self-guided tour that will identify first aid areas, life jacket stations and lifeguard posts throughout the waterpark.  Lifeguards will also demonstrate life-saving and water safety drills every fifteen minutes.  This informative orientation will be helpful for parents with small children and patrons new to Shipwreck Island.  Other businesses will also be on-hand promoting related topics such the importance of learning to swim, sun care and ocean swimming.


Adventure Landing’s safety measures and procedures are identified as:

-          Shipwreck Island Waterpark lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross

-          They audit their guards throughout the day with skill tests that help keep them alert and ready to react.

-          Their skills are practiced through in-service training sessions

-          The guards rotate every 30 minutes to ensure that they are alert and focused.

-          Adventure Landing employs over 100 lifeguards and have a minimum of 18 on stand in the waterpark at any given time throughout the day


The "Be Water Aware" Campaign is focused on educating the public on how they can stay safe in the water, including learning to swim and supervising kids in and around the water.  More details about Water Safety Awareness Month can be found:
Website -

YouTube -


Adventure Landing, headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, consists of 10 family entertainment centers around the country.  The Jacksonville Beach location is also home to Shipwreck Island Waterpark, Northeast Florida’s largest waterpark.  


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