Clay County floods recede, clean up begins | News

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Clay County floods recede, clean up begins

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- The waters have receded in Clay County, but now, the clean up begins.

Ed Lewis lives on the south fork of Black Creek. 

After three days of rain, the creek flooded and dumped three feet of water into his garage despite his home being 200 feet from the creek.

"When you live on the creek, you have to put up with it," said Lewis.

Lewis brought in a dehumidifier and began cleaning his two car garage and tools piece by piece.

"It will take me about three weeks before I am back to normal," he said.

Lewis has called Middleburg home 39 years.

"I have a different attitude than most people," said Lewis, "I don't plan to leave."

Dennis Boyle lives on the north fork of Black creek and he is still rebuilding from Tropical Storm Debbie.

"It is a beautiful place to live out here," Boyle said.

Compared with his Debbie experience, Boyle had little damage after the weekend storms.

"The water did not get into the house, but it demolished my 40ft dock," said Boyle.

Boyle said he plans to rebuild his home but after ten years and two floods he has had it with Blackcreek.

"I'm going to finish the inside, put in some sod and put a for sale sign on it," he said.

The head of Clay County EMS Chief Lorin Mock said the county is assessing how many homes were damaged by the flooding.
"It may be less than 100 homes," said Mock.

In the meantime the Red Cross is giving out clean up kits to residents.

Craig Holland picked up a kit. He is still trying to recover from the last flood.

"When I saw the water coming I just stood there on front porch and cried," said Holland.

The county will issue clean up kits Tuesday and Wednesday to anyone who needs one.

Kits are free and can be picked up at the fire station on Everette Avenue in Middleburg.

Tips when cleaning up after a flood:
Safety first be sure the electric service is turned off
Remove all water soaked items
Take pictures of damaged items
Sanitize everything


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