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Residents still dealing with Debby damage

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Almost a year after Tropical Storm Debby made landfall in North Florida, about 75 families are still seeking help to fix their homes.

"[Water] is coming through the wall, down underneath the floor, some day my refrigerator will probably end up on the ground," said Middleburg resident Nikki Celso.

The Celso family in Middleburg continues to deal with leftover damage from the storm.

"It worries me that my beams are going to come through the roof and they're going to end up on my floor," said Celso.

Tropical Storm Debby flooded hundreds of homes near Black Creek in Clay County, but even those living in non-flood zones had water enter their homes.

The storm dumped so much rain, Nikki Celso said her ceiling cracked in several rooms. The roof is caving in her son's room and mold is spreading throughout the home.

"It's a little depressing to come home because your home is supposed to be your sanctuary and I've got mold and mildew and ceilings that are collapsing, and floors that are getting soft, so I don't like to come home," said Celso.

Celso and her husband have lived in the home for 15 years and now her 22-year-old son is back from deployment and is suffering from sinus infections. 

The family said the insurance company isn't helping because the home does not have flood insurance and even though they did receive help from FEMA to fix their AC, the family can't afford to pay the thousands of dollars to make all the repairs.

Mary Clauss with the Northeast Florida Coalition on Recovery said FEMA contacted the organization to follow up with these families, but the non-profit has limited funds and is struggling to help.

"We have been working on raising funds because we're finding that the average household is between five to ten thousand dollars to remediate," said Mary Clauss, with the Northeast Florida Coalition on Recovery (NEFCOR).

To learn more about NEFCOR contact Mary Clauss at 904-586-5055.


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