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Former Dozier student speaks out on decision

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Arthur G. Dozier School for boys officially closed June, 2011, but still open are the many chapters to its dark history.

"Finally the truth is going to come out," said Roger Kiser. 

Kiser, founder of the organization White House Boys, is a former student at the Arthur G. Dozier school for boys. He remembers what he said the day after his first beating.

"I was beaten bloody and I said one day I'm gonna come back and report what you people are doing,' said Kiser.

It is a promise he has kept. For the past two decades Kiser has spent his time and his money exposing the horror of the reform school. 

"I put everything I had into this," said Kiser. "I don't regret for one minute that I did it, I'd do it again."

Kiser was in the audience when Governor Rick Scott and Cabinet members gave a University of South Florida team the approval to exhume the marked and unmarked graves of 100 children.

Kiser called it a step forward to closure.

"We've pushed to get the train to the top of the mountain," he said. "This morning the train went over and the truth will be known."

The USF team has one year to complete the project.

"When it is all done, after they locate whatever families they can, they will take the remains of the rest and give them a decent burial," said Kiser. "Everyone will have a headstone and they will be treated in a reverent and respectful manner."


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