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Family hopes to get healthy home

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- A family in need of a healthy home is one step closer to a better life thanks to an anonymous Good Samaritan.

The home was a work in progress when the O'Connors first moved in 12 years ago. The family planned to make the necessary repairs and renovations, but the family said its health issues kept getting in the way.

"It's falling apart because we haven't been able to keep it up because when he's [Misty's husband, Joshua] not working, he's dealing with our health problems," said Misty O'Connor.

Misty and Joshua O'Connor have three girls -- nine, eight, and two. 

In 2008 their middle daughter Kiara ended up in the hospital after one of her lungs collapsed from pneumonia. Since then she has been sick often, a year ago was diagnosed with asthma, and now her older sister also has asthma.

"We're tired of seeing our kids sick all of the time. They missed a lot of school the last few years," said O'Connor.

The home has holes in the floor, water running in the walls and in the windows. The O'Connors say they got the home tested for mold and a lab report shows it tested positive for Penicillium, Aspergillus and Cladosporium -- common types of mold. Cladosporium has been known to aggravate asthma.

Family members convinced them to start a fund online to raise money to buy a new home, but the O'Connors never expected someone to donate a double-wide mobile home.

"Amazed, loved, we have an amazing Lord, an amazing church," said O'Connor. 

Those are the feelings Misty says she's felt since she learned about the anonymous good Samaritan in her church. 

Now the goal is to raise the money needed for the costs to remove their home, transfer the new one and do all the proper installations.

The family has till September 15 to raise $11,000 to cover the costs of moving out the old trailer, moving in the new home and setting up a septic tank that is up to code, in addition to electrical and plumbing.

To learn more about the O'Connor's journey to a healthy home and find out how you can help, click here.


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