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Fresh start for Middleburg family battling health problems

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Tired of seeing their children constantly sick, one Middleburg family turned to the public for help.

Misty and Josh O'Connor's home tested positive for mold. They believe the place was making the entire family sick but they didn't have the means to move out. Thanks to donations from friends, church members and complete strangers, today they have a new start.

Misty O'Connor gave First Coast News a tour of her new mobile home from the outside. Still being set up, the trailer was donated to the family along with about $9,000.

"I can't begin to express my gratitude to everybody that has helped us," said Josh O'Connor.

That help came pouring in after Josh and Misty decided to put their pride aside, and their children first. One of their three daughters, Kira, was hospitalized after her lungs collapsed from pneumonia back in 2008. The O'Connors say the old mobile home they lived in for 12 years began to make the family sick. It tested positive for mold.

But with the help of family and church members, they set up a donation fund, had rummage and yard sales, made countless phone calls and today they're simply grateful for this fresh start.
Their new mobile home does need to be spruced up with paint, flooring, steps and a few other things.

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