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Update: Post office finds woman's sister's remains

Update: Dionne Montague, spokesperson for the USPS, contacted On Your Side on Thursday night and said the package has been found and is being delivered to the customer. Debi Peirson said by email they delivered my sister to me tonight (thursday. Thank you for all your help. They said she was in a bag with the paperwork by a locker. I would still like some answers how this happened. Jacksonville postmaster Debra Gronik who hand delivered the package herself said,"We are pleased we were able to locate the and deliver the package safely to our customer." September 2013 the USPS instituted guidelines for handling cremated remains, the investigation revealed the new guidelines were not followed.

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Debi Peirson has a problem with the United States Postal Service; she can't believe what happened.

"The post office lost the package with my sister's ashes," said Peirson.

Her sister, Michelle Klint, died in 2012 and donated her body to science. But now the program she participated in has ended and it was time to return the body to the family.

"So they cremated her," said Peirson.

In August 2014, the Colorado Anatomical Board coordinated the cremation and sent the ashes to Peirson via the post office. The package had a tracking number but now there's a question as to whether or not it was entered into the system.

"They cannot find her," said Peirson. "They keep telling me she has been various places but nobody can tell me where my sister is."

Pierson said the past few days have been difficult. She has yet to share with the family the problem with the post office.

"I haven't told her children yet that I've lost their mother," she said.

Adding to her frustration is that the postal service has yet to give her a good explanation.

"It is very disturbing, I want my sister," said Peirson. "This wasn't her dream to be lost in the postal service, she wanted her children to spread her ashes."

On Your Side contacted the postal service. Spokesperson Dionne Montague issued the statement below:

"The Postal Service is currently investigating the issue regarding the mailing of these cremated remains and apologize for the delay. We take very seriously all such matters and are working hard to obtain information about this shipment."

Peirson said the family will not have closure until the postal service delivers the package.


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