Mom of Hit-and-Run Victim: 'I'm Missing Something in My Heart' | News

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Mom of Hit-and-Run Victim: 'I'm Missing Something in My Heart'

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- It was a bittersweet day for the Alvezios family after more than a month of torture.

"I'm missing something in my heart," said Jenny Alvezios.

Police said they caught the man who allegedly killed their 13-year-old son and brother, Brien, while he was riding his bike on a dark road, just two days after Thanksgiving.

"We didn't have no Christmas this year," said Jenny Alvezios.

Just two days after Brien died, a long-time family friend saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the one police say hit Brien. The family friend did not want to talk on camera, but said he did what anybody with kids would have done.

"And he chased him through neighborhoods," said Jack Alvezios.

Since that time, police have been analyzing the SUV, and they did question Anthony Margadonna. Thursday, they moved forward with the arrest. The family said they actually know Margadonna. They said he was close friends with a relative back in high school.

The family said they have so many amazing memories. Like when Brien would cook for them. "He made a mean milkshake, too," said Jack Alvezios.

Brien also left them with his love for Ninja Turtles. Family members said they wore Ninja Turtle hats as a way to connect with Brien. "This was actually the type of hat he was wearing when he was hit," said Jack Alvezios.

Justice will never bring back their angel, they said. Brien's mother said she's going to keep his bedroom intact, so it will be a piece of him she keeps for the rest of her life.


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