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First Coast Woman Inspires Other to Eat and Live Healthy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The grinding of Michelle Chance-Sangthong's juicer is a daily reminder of healthy choices -- choices that started after a rude awakening.

"Went to the health fair and found out my cholesterol was through the roof, my blood pressure was high." Chance-Sangthong said. "My partner's blood pressure was just a few points from taking a ride in the ambulance. We had no idea."

The goal, one small change a day, started with less soda, then more veggies.

She had no idea that goal would make her a hero to anyone.

Because she works from home, she created an element of public accountability for her diet changes by posting on Facebook.

"I started getting comments like, 'Well, what does it taste like?' and, 'Would you rate it?'" she explained.

Venturing further into a diet consisting of organic and locally grown foods, she added a blog to help track progress.

Friends and strangers began following along, making their own changes.

"It's really a lot of fun to know that these simple choices can make a difference for someone else's life, too," she said.

Chance-Sangthong's ambition to inspire others to live healthy lives makes her an everyday hero.

The nomination calls her an inspiration who shows how to turn struggles into success.

"This is really about a journey and conversations about making teeny-tiny itty-bitty decisions that can change your health, that can change your life," she said.


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