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Local Singing Donkey Becoming Youtube Hit

KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, Fla. -- A singing donkey in Keystone Heights has been getting more hits than Justin Bieber lately. 

Well, maybe not that many.

But a video meant just to be seen by family and friends has received tons of attention from Youtube fans.

"I was just goofing off," said Alicia Shueler. 

She owns the Moonlit Oaks Ranch with her husband. 

And the "goofing off" she's referring to was playing a little music on her violin for the animals on her farm.

"I started with the cows, but they just ignored me," she said while laughing.

But her adopted donkey, named Donkeyotee, apparently like it.

"So I packed up my stuff and set up next to him," she said.

She also set up her camera, thinking she'd share the video with some family and friends.

However, once the clip of her and Donkeyotee's duet hit Youtube, the views have been piling up.

"I didn't think I'd be playing in front of that many people," she said.

Click here to watch the Youtube video of the singing donkey.

The video currently has nearly 100,000 views... and counting.


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