Clay County Mourns the Loss Of Detective David White | News

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Clay County Mourns the Loss Of Detective David White

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- There's been a buzz all day at First Class Barbers.  "People are mostly appalled about all this that there's a shooting in Clay County that involved police," barber Thomas Dutcher said.  Dutcher and Kevin Perce have given 30 haircuts today.  They say customer after customer, they have been talking about the shooting.  "They've just been expressing their sympathy, pretty sad situation, I've heard one of the officers had two kids and was fairly young," Perce said.

Signs of a big loss are everywhere throughout Clay County.  Flags at half-staff, businesses paying tribute with display signs remembering Detective David White.

Lauren Wahl is a pizza hostess by night and flower clerk by day.  She said flower orders spiked today as people learned of the shooting.  "Police stations from other cities and Jacksonville and everywhere else are really coming together to support a fallen officer here in Clay County," Wahl said.

Pat Dobbs was a deputy for 20 years in Gulfport, Mississippi.  She understands the dangers of being in law enforcement.  "You don't think of the danger at the time.  You're thinking about the community, your family, and getting rid of this kind of thing.  He was doing his job, it was something he loved."


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