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Teacher of the Week: Stan Cowherd

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Sixth-grader Kyle Williams has disliked most of his teachers throughout his short school career.

He was also not a fan of math class.

However, all that changed this year, thanks to Ridgeview Elementary school, math teacher Stan Cowherd.

What's Cowherd's secret to connecting with kids like Kyle?

"Every kid has a different learning style," Cowherd explains. "You have to make it fun. You have to make it exciting.?

The key, Cowherd shares, is to related math to real life so the kids are able to better understand it.

To many people, math may bring back horrible memories, but with a master at math like Mr. Cowherd, Kyle says it's so much easier to comprehend.

"He pushes us to our limit," Kyle tells us.

"[Mr. Cowherd] doesn't push us to over the limit, but when he does push us to the limit, it goes so much that we do learn."

Well said, Kyle!


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