Goat at Junior High Killed by Wild Animal | News

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Goat at Junior High Killed by Wild Animal

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- A First Coast school is dealing with the death of a goat used for education.

Teachers at Wilkinson Junior High in Middleburg discovered one of the goats dead Monday morning.

Two other goats survived the weekend attack, but had severe cuts and bite wounds.

Dr. Craig Price of Black Creek Veterinary Hospital thinks a wild animal attacked the goats. They were part of agriculture education at the school.

"We found out they are still healthy. They had multiple puncture wounds. We took X-rays to make sure there weren't any vital organs involved," Dr. Price said.

Deputies in Clay County initially thought the goat was shot to death. But the vet didn't find any bullet or bullet fragments.

Detective Con Kelley says it was most likely a wild animal, although they don't know how it got inside the fence.


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