Clay residents fear bad flooding if Isaac dumps heavy rain | News

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Clay residents fear bad flooding if Isaac dumps heavy rain

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Homeowners along Black Creek are still picking up from historic flooding from Tropical Storm Debby in June, with attention now focused on what Tropical Storm Isaac could deliver.

More than 600 homes were damaged in the county, with 100 mostly along Black Creek taking the brunt of Tropical Storm Debby.

This weekend, emergency planners are set to have volunteers work the flood prone areas in the county, giving reminders on preparations people should take if Isaac dumps heavy rain.

"We are fully saturated," said Clay County Fire Chief Lorin Mock, who also handles emergency planning.

"We have seen urban flooding this week alone in the Orange Park area. We are starting to see flooding in areas that historically have not seen flooding in decades," said Mock, who also said emergency operations could kick in early next week if Tropical Storm Isaac poses a threat.

William Padgett lives along Black Creek and suffered heavy flooding from the June storm only to lose his home in a July 12 fire.

"It is a mess for me ... I cannot have no good luck, all bad luck," said Padgett, who hopes this tropical storm doesn't bring heavy rain and more flooding.


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