Tow truck driver pinned under truck dies | News

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Tow truck driver pinned under truck dies

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- A tow truck driver has died after being pinned under the front tire of a vehicle.

Napoleon Ballard III of Keystone Heights was killed just after 7pm Monday night after he became trapped under the tire of a pick-up truck he towed to a Middleburg home. 

A Clay County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said Ballard was unloading a 1997 Chevrolet Silverado from the flatbed tow truck when he tried to stop the pick-up truck from  rolling down and into a shed. Authorities said Ballard tried to stop the truck by opening the driver's  side door and reaching for the break. As Ballard did that, he was knocked to the ground and trapped under the driver's side front tire.

A CCSO spokesperson said the pick up truck's owner asked a neighbor  and Sheriff's deputies for help to try to jack up the truck and pull Ballard out from underneath the tire. Ballard was pronounced dead at the scene. A CCSO spokesperson said Ballard was a driver for the RJR Towing Company of Jacksonville. 

OSHA was called and responded to the scene.  


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