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Former cop says he is psychic

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Middleburg, Florida is a pretty calm town. Aside from the humming of a power boat in the distance, this town has a certain restful peace to it.

"It's just quiet here, it's dead quiet."

A fitting choice of words for Chuck Bergman, since he says he spends his days talking to the dead.  Bergman is a professional psychic.

"I make a good living doing this," he said. "It can take a toll because everyday you're dealing with death."

He gives readings by phone for $200 an hour, or in person for $300 an hour.

Bergman has been on national documentaries, and was featured on A&E.

He is also a regular guest on a Jacksonville based radio show called "Earth" that airs Saturday nights.

He will do on-air readings for free on the show.

"You don't want to mess up doing that in front of all those people," he said. "So you get nervous."

He said he can connect with and relay messages friends and relatives who have passed away.

Bergman has built a nice retirement career out of this, but he says he's not satisfied.

His goal is acceptance from the officers he worked side-by-side with for 32 years.  The retired cop wants police to use his gift.

"They are totally uninvolved," he said.

The only local police agency to respond to First Coast News on their feelings about psychic help was the Clay County Sheriff's office. 

Bergman says he's called in and provided tips to them on missing person cases, though their spokesperson, Mary Justino says she didn't have record of his tips.  She did say psychics do call in from time-to-time though.

When asked if Clay County detectives had opinions about psychic tips, Justino said in an email that many do, but none would be available to talk on camera about it.

She wrote, "Since detectives are fact based they are all generally skeptics."

However, Bergman says there are those who take his advice.

"I've been in touch with some of their officers, but it's always on the QT," he said.  "There's a stigma that goes along with my ability," he said. "And you can't exactly go into a court room using my tips as evidence."

Bergman has written a book, The Psychic Cop, outlining several of what he calls success stories.

The stories are not enough evidence for police.

So he goes about his days giving readings to folks locally and internationally.

"Sometimes I do two or three readings a day," he said. "It can give comfort to grieving families."



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