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Company sells man an electric bike with dead battery

LAKE CITY, Fla. -- Richard Cox, 71, wanted a vehicle to get around. He has a disability and can't drive.

"I have eye problems and can't get a driver's license, so I have to have something to get around," said Cox. 

Cox found the cozy bike electric bicycle sold by Omegastores, a Connecticut company and purchased it.

"February 16 is when I put my order in," said Cox, "It got here on March 3rd."

Since March, the $1,200 electric bike has been in Cox's garage because of a dead battery. Pedaling the bike to charge the battery is no help. 

"I have not been able to use it, not once," said Cox. 

Cox has made several attempts to reach the Wallingford Connecticut company, but has had little response.

"They don't answer the phone," he said, "they don't have no service department."

Cox said he has lost his spark of excitement over his electric bicycle

"I am very frustrated with them," said Cox. 

And now even making a trip to the doctor's office is going to cost him even more.

"I've got an appointment with a doctor and it is going to cost me $50 round trip for a cab," said Cox. 

Cox said the company responded once to his first concern and asked him to return the battery charger they still have it.

"I've asked them and asked them to send it back," he said.

Cox is now stuck with a dead battery an a cozy electric bicycle that goes nowhere.

"I want it working, or my money back," said Cox. 

On Your Side contacted Omegastores and left a message for Gabe Smatko. So far, no response.

On Your Side also contacted the Connecticut Attorney General's office.

The Better Business Bureau gives the company an "F" rating due to the number of unresolved complaints.

The bicycle has a bad battery. If you think you can help Mr. Cox, let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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