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CCEA Awake the State Rally
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The Clay County Education Association (CCEA) is hosting an Awake the  State Rally. The rally is being held in conjunction with other rallies across the state and these  rallies are being held to protest the massive budget cuts to the Florida budget. We will be joining  our teachers at the corner of Blanding and Kingsley to rally our protest over the Florida Budget cuts.

We will be at the corner of Blanding Blvd and Kingsley Avenue on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 from  4 pm-6 pm protesting these budget cuts and encouraging our community members to contact  their legislators and say NO MORE CUTS!
CCEA President Elizabeth Crane stated, “These budget cuts for Clay County ($23 million) could potentially cut over 400 teaching positions. Clay County Schools is the largest employer in Clay County. By cutting our budget it hurts the economy and hurts our students. We are looking for support in protest of these budget cuts. This bill will place the burden of our school board’s budget on the backs of our students, teachers and our community. It is time for the Florida Legislature to abide by the Florida Constitution to provide and fund a high-quality system of public education. It is their paramount duty to do so.”

Politics, Schools

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