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Clay County "Pleased" with School Grades

“I am extremely pleased with the 2011 School Grades.  Once again, our students, employees, parents and community proved they were up to the task,” says Superintendent Ben Wortham.

The 2011 Schools Grades were released by the Department of Education this morning.  Clay County Administrators are still diving into the data, but overall the results show:

  • 81% of Clay County Elementary and Junior High Schools earned an “A”
  • 97% earned an “A” or “B”

“I am extremely pleased and so proud of everyone,” says Wortham.  “All of our employees deserve credit, including our parents.  Our schools can provide excellence instruction… but parents help build a foundation.  By being involved in the learning process, they reinforce the importance of education.  A parent’s involvement is definitely an accelerating factor for a child’s development.”

A list of the individual school grades in Clay County is attached.  High School grades will be released at a later date.



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