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Georgia Man Uses Motorcycle to Jump for Jesus
Georgia Man Uses Motorcycle to Jump for Jesus

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. --  A Georgia man travels city to city, jumping for Jesus.

Aaron Ramsey took that mission to Middleburg Sunday as he used his motorcycle to leap over 9 buses at Calvary Baptist Church.

The Augusta-based preacher said he uses his motorcycle stunts to get people's attention as he spreads the word of God.  Ramsey got bitten by the daredevil bug at the age of 15 but later turned to drugs and alcohol.
Now that he's clean, he hopes to inspire others to be saved.

"Every waking breath that I take is only because Christ saved me 20 years ago from alcohol and drug addiction and other things that I was into.  If it wasn't for Him, I wouldn't be living today so why not use all the talents I have for Him.  I believe that He's giving me a smile.  I do," said Ramsey.

Clay County emergency responders were on hand in case there were any problems Sunday.  Ramsey, who is about to turn 50 years old, has had some injuries along the way.

He has broken some ribs, his pelvis and his wrist.  The farthest he's jumped is 150 feet.  Sunday's jump was between 90 and 100 feet. 

Ramsey performed the stunt twice for a crowd that gathered at the church and across the street to watch.


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