Father Charged in Connection with Crash that Killed Son, Friend | Crime

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Father Charged in Connection with Crash that Killed Son, Friend
Father Charged in Connection with Crash that Killed Son, Friend

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- The father of a teen killed in a boat crash last February is now charged with reckless operation in connection with the incident.

Ted Hanner was arrested Tuesday in Middleburg. He faces a first degree misdemeanor charge of reckless operation. He also violated two boating rules, failure to maintain proper lookout and safe speed, according to the investigative report by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission obtained by First Coast News.

Hanner declined to talk on camera Thursday, but told our reporter he will forever be in misery.

Hanner's son, Travis, and his friend Halee Mickey were killed when the boat crashed into a tree branch that was horizontal above the water in February. They were both students at Middleburg High.

The report states the boat's motor started to lose power and bog down. It states Ted Hanner left the controls to pump the fuel bulb almost seven feet away from the controls.

After pumping the bulb, the motor regained power and veered to the right, into the tree, the report stated. Ted Hanner says the natural bend of the river, more than the boat veering, led it into the tree.

"Leaving the controls of the vessel while under power and on plane, the operator [Ted Hanner] started a series of actions that led to this accident," the FWC report stated.

Matt Brady and Donald McGovern called 911 and towed the vehicle back to shore, the report states.

The 50-page report also includes new details about the crash. Ted Hanner told investigators that his son rose up and tried to pull Halee out of the way, but both were struck as the boat went under the tree.

Ted Hanner told investigators that he had consumed two to three beers during the day and he voluntarily submitted his blood for testing. The results showed zero percent alcohol detected, according to the report.

Other items from the report: all required safety equipment was on board and the two victims were sitting on seats near the front of the boat. The state attorney's office now has the case. 


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