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Taking a Weekend Trip to Orlando? Don't Order Pizza
Taking a Weekend Trip to Orlando? Don't Order Pizza

Remember the pizza-flyer scam talked about in January?

Police were concerned that the flimsy pieces of paper advertising $9.99 pizza pies and a 1-800 number were really scams to get hungry tourists to fork over their credit card information. Florida legislators ultimately passed a law - with Walt Disney World's backing - to crack down on flyer distribution.

Well, now a new report from a hungry investigative reporter from WXYZ.com, the ABC affiliate in Orlando, tells us that the pizza flyer scams are still going strong.

The reporter, Scott Lewis, was at the Renaissance Hotel at Sea World to attend - ironically - a conference for Investigative Reporters and Editors.

He stayed four nights at the hotel, and on three nights, pizza flyers were slipped under his hotel room door. On his last night, he had a craving for pizza. Here's what he wrote:

"I was thinking of calling one of the places that left a flyer, but I was suspicious. The three flyers looked almost identical. The menus and prices very similar, and one of the pizza joints didn't list their address. So I pulled a hotel employee aside and asked her if the pizza places that put flyers under the door are good. Thank God I asked.

"Don't do it," the employee warned. "It's a big scam. They're just out to steal your credit card number."

Police and hotel operators have been trying to put a stop to the pizza-flyer distributors, but have had only limited success, the story continues.

Sgt. Juan Viamontes of the Orlando Police Department told him that the scam is still a problem especially at hotels along International Drive that are filled with tourists there to visit Sea World, Disney World and other attractions.

Viamontes also said that some of flyer distributors are criminals. "A lot of them have been in jail or prison and they have no other way to make money," he told the TV reporter.

Some hotels are warning guests about the shady pizza flyers, but Lewis said he didn't get any warning at his hotel. He asked the hotel's publicist about it but he did not get a comment.

See the XYZ.com story for more information, but here's a decent tip:

Don't order pizza from an ad slipped under your hotel door.

By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY


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