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Is a Teen Paint Party Too Risque?
Is a Teen Paint Party Too Risque?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Paint parties have been popular with college kids for years, but now local promoters are marketing them to teens.

A company called "TeenGlow" will host the first even teenage paint party on June 12th, and some First Coast parents don't like the idea.  

"Who is really going to know what's going on behind those closed doors," asked Todd Moline, a concerned father.

He did some research about the paint parties after his 16-year-old daughter posted online about the one coming up here in Jacksonville.

"It's just too young, too young to be in that type of atmosphere. It's almost like a rave type atmosphere, bringing them in to the bar scene," said Moline.

Looking through the pictures posted on the TeenGlow website, Moline says he was appalled they're marketing this type of party to teens.

"Are they going to allow 13-year-old minors to wear bikini bottoms and get splashed on with paint," he asked.

The organizer of the TeenGlow party, Matthew Diandrea, says they're still figuring that out.

"We've never done a teen one before, so we can't really sit here and get pictures. We're just trying to show kids the style of the party," said Diandrea.

The paint parties started in Jacksonville six years ago, and have quickly become a hit with the college crowd.

But June 12th will be the first time they try it out with teens, and Diandrea's already fielded a number of calls from concerned parents.

"Any time you have to deal with teenagers, you're dealing with their parents," said Diandrea.

He says they're trying to make the event as age appropriate as possible - but still, some parents are asking if it will be enough.

"Where do you draw the line? When do you start saying, hey society, slow down on these kids, let them be young, they're only young once," said Moline. 


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