Save PE in Duval County

Save PE in Duval County

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Mosquitoes: More this Year than Last Year?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Peggy Munsey and her dog Gunner head out for their morning run each day, and every time, there's a pesky disruption.

"Yeah, they're very bad in this area," said Munsey.

The mosquitoes around her Clifton Road neighborhood in Jacksonville are unbearable and her neighbors agree it's the worst they've seen.

Jacksonville's Mosquito Control is tracking increasing calls for service on maps. In May, there were about 300 calls for service.  In June, that number doubled, and already in July, calls for service have exceeded 600.

"It's very irritating.  I was just talking to a neighbor yesterday and said, can you call the mosquito people because I've already called them twice," said Munsey.

Richard Smith, mosquito control superintendent, said he thinks the number of service requests will top 5,000. "That's a lot of service requests," he said.

Innovative Internships Open Job Opportunities For Floridians Overcoming Mental Illness

Floridians who have been treated for mental illnesses will have the opportunity to be employed by private businesses under a new partnership between the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Florida Department of Education’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

Twenty-five paid internships will be available within the next few months for persons who are ready to go to work as part of their treatment and recovery from serious mental illnesses. Typically the unemployment rate of adults with significant mental health issues is extremely high – around 80 percent.

St. Vincent’s HealthCare to Break Ground on New Clay County Facility

St. Vincent’s HealthCare to Break Ground on New Clay County Facility

St. Vincent’s HealthCare is growing its ministry and expanding into Clay County. The public is invited to attend the official ground breaking of our new Ambulatory Pavilion and Hospital at the corner of Blanding Boulevard and Branan Field Road in Orange Park on June 23 at 10 a.m.

“St. Vincent’s is thrilled to be expanding into Clay County. The community has welcomed us with open arms, sharing their excitement about the construction of our new campus,” said Moody Chisholm, CEO of St. Vincent’s HealthCare. “The need for increased access to healthcare has grown substantially in Clay County. This facility will expand the options available and enhance access to the quality care the citizens there want and deserve.”

Miracle Children Bring Extra Thanks to Local Publix Store

Miracle Children Bring Extra Thanks to Local Publix Store

Jennifer and Dave Edwards are proud parents of 2 healthy twin boys, Jack and Luke.  At 16 weeks into their pregnancy, doctors told the parents-to-be that one of their babies had no amniotic fluid and to prepare for the worst. At just 19 weeks, Jennifer started having contractions and was immediately admitted into the hospital.  She made it to 32 weeks and delivered the two boys at Wolfson Children’s Hospital on September 7, 2007. Jack and Luke each weighed a little over 2 lbs. and were able to go home after 8 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).The boys were transported and treated with equipment that was purchased by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, with funds raised by their corporate sponsors such as Publix.

Ken Jeong Suits Up in New "Stayin' Alive" Video


American Heart Association works with to raise awareness and funding 

  Ken Jeong combines his comedic prowess with his medical training in a new Hands-Only CPR video from the American Heart Association that uses the disco hit “Stayin’ Alive” to help people remember what to do in a sudden cardiac arrest. The video can be viewed at

How to Get the Smoke out of House, Car, Clothes

How to Get the Smoke out of House, Car, Clothes

MORE: First Coast fires

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  The smoke that blankets the city is so thick, it is seeping into homes, vehicles and individuals' clothing. In most cases, it is impossible to keep the smoke out, but there are ways to keep it from lingering.

In homes, air-conditioning expert Ed Miller, who works for Snyder Air advised residents to do the following:

  • Keep the garage door closed.
  • Make sure that the air handler, the unit inside the home or in the garage, is properly sealed.
  • Change air filters.

"You should change it today and tomorrow if necessary," said Miller.

Don't use any kind of filter, Miller said, instead, make sure it is a pleated filter. "A pleated filter has the ridges to catch smoke, dust and dirt," he said.