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CCSO urges awareness of counterfeit bills

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- The Clay County Sheriff's Office is trying to increase the public's awareness about counterfeit money being circulated in the community.

On Saturday, the Kangaroo Express at 4486 County Road 218W reported that it had in its possession a counterfeit $100 bill. The bill was ripped, did not have a ribbon or a hologram and did not change color when marked by a counterfeit detection pen, according to a CCSO incident report.

CCSO Detective Bill Roberts shows in a public service announcement tips that citizens and businesspeople should be aware of when handling money.

For example, on a $20 bill, Roberts says a hologram of President Andrew Jackson's face would be visible on the right lower portion of the bill. Also, on the left side of the bill, a strip that says "USA 20" would be visible.

Also, Roberts says to be aware of the general feel of the money because counterfeit bills feel different than real ones. He also says to not rely solely on the counterfeit detection pens because they do not always work.

For more information on how to detect counterfeit bills, watch the PSA above.


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