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On Your Side: Shutdown worries and mystery green water

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Thursday, the On Your Side team answered an array of questions you sent in and found the solutions.

Ray Green, 59, of Middleburg, said he has served 20 years in the United States Air Force, all over the world. He depends on Veterans benefits and Social Security payments. But, with the government shutdown, he says he is worried.

"If I don't get paid, I can lose my house, car, truck, boat. Everything," Green said frankly.

A Department of Veterans Affairs spokesperson said the VA continues to process compensation cases this month, it's unclear if the VA will be sending out compensation checks on November 1 to veterans who rely on them. Millions of Social Security recipients are still getting monthly benefits.

In St. John's County is where Marnie lives. She said she lives 1.9 miles from where her children go to school at Durbin Creek Elementary. She said the district has decided to stop serving kids in the area. Marnie said it's unfair and she wants to know why.

St. John's County School District spokeswoman, Christina Langston, confirmed Marnie does live 1.9 miles from the school. The district has been in contact with Marnie since the Spring.

The reason why the bus doesn't take most of the neighborhood's children to school is because district policy says students must live 2 or more miles from the school. There are temporary or school-year long exceptions. For example if a student is special needs, that Marnie's family doesn't meet.

So, Marnie's children won't be taking the school bus this school year. The district continues to monitor the situation.

Mark in St. Nicholas, wonders "What's this green stuff in the hole on 5th street?"

FCN checked with JEA's Gerri Boyce. It turns out it's biodegradable sewer dye used to see where water goes. It is not harmful but it will stain your clothes.

A secondary sewer pipe might've broken which may have caused the small cave-in. The project is expected to be done by Saturday, October 12th.

Peter, in Mayport, said he wants a yield signed moved into his neighborhood.

Debbie Delgado, with the city of Jacksonville has reached out to him and will start a study to see if a yield sign is needed for the neighborhood.

Johnnie, on the Southside, said some of the lights in his complex weren't working at night, posing a safety risk. The regional property manager tells FCN the problem was a wiring glitch that was fixed the same day Johnnie wrote in to FCN.


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