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FCATs Begin Today

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or FCAT, will be held this week for students across the state.

Kathryn LeRoy, Chief Academic Officer with Duval County Public Schools said there are some simple steps that parents can take to make sure their children are at their best.

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat a healthy, filling breakfast
  • Take time to relax outside of school
  • Don't try to "cram" for the test
  • Do not go to school or take the test when feeling under the weather

"There are makeup days," explained LeRoy. 

She said parents should also try to give their children positive reinforcement throughout testing. 

"Parents need to be positive.  They don't need to stress their children out," said LeRoy.   "I don't think that they need to talk to their children about the high stakes, necessarily, of this assessment because we all know it's high stakes and I think unfortunately, because of the high stakes, a lot of our kids have become really anxious about taking the assessment." 

To encourage your child, tell him or her that he is prepared for the FCATs and he will do well on the tests. 


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