Mother Arrested for DUI with 5 Children in the Car | News

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Mother Arrested for DUI with 5 Children in the Car
Mother Arrested for DUI with 5 Children in the Car

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A First Coast mother has been arrested for DUI after she was caught with an open Four Loco container and five children in the car.

Police have charged 38 year old Catina Peterson with drunk driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Now the Department of Children and Families is investigating.

"It's unimaginable that someone could do this to their children," said DCF Spokesman John Harrell.  

He says they immediately launched an investigation after reading Catina Peterson's arrest report.

"We need to get to the bottom of this. We're going to work closely with law enforcement in this investigation," he said.

According to the arrest report, the 38 year old was pulled over  Monday night after an off duty police officer spotted her car driving erratically, and missing a tire.

Peterson's children told the officer she hit a fence before they tried to get control of the steering wheel to prevent the car from crashing again.

"To imagine the stress of having these kids have to fight for control of the steering wheel so they don't get injured, this is a terrible situation," he said.

The arresting officer reported that Peterson spilled an open beer on herself after he asked her to get out of the car.

The report says she then failed several sobriety tests before being taken into custody.

"If you have a parent who is going to put their children at risk by drinking and driving while their children are in the car, who knows what this person could do to their children. It's almost as if there's no boundaries," said Harrell.

DCF will continue the investigation.


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