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Congresswoman Corrine Brown Sued for Unpaid Services
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Congresswoman Corrine Brown Sued for Unpaid Services

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Congresswoman Corrine Brown raised more than $1 million for her 2010 re-election campaign but one agency says she short-changed them.

"Corinne Brown and her campaign committees owe our clients, who raised over half a million dollars for her, approximately $44 thousand," said Martin Lobel, the attorney representing Berger Hirschberg Strategies, a major Democratic fundraising firm.

Both parties agree, the fundraising firm began working for Brown when she was thinking of running for Senate in 2009.

They entered into a contract in July 2009.

Corrine Brown, her Chief of Staff, and Friends of Corrine Brown are now being told to pay up for underpaid and unpaid fees to the tune of $44,495.

"Congresswoman Brown is not obligated to the defendants as they claim," said Brown's attorney, Frederick Cooke, Jr.

Cook argues none of the named defendants (Corrine Brown, Brown's Chief of Staff and Friends of Corrine Brown) were parties to that contract.

"The relationship that is being complained about is with a different entity," Cooke explained.

Cooke would not say which entity, but Lobel believes it refers to the congresswoman's Senate committee, Congresswoman Corrine Brown for Senate.

"That's who the contract was with, even though they continued by keeping paying and behaving as if it was the same entity the Corinne Brown re-election campaign," Lobel said.

By November 2009 Brown abandoned her bid for Senate and decided to defend her House seat.

"My clients kept raising the money and she kept accepting it," Lobel said. The complaint states Berger Hirschberg Strategies raised $182,277 for Brown's Senate campaign and $579,277 for Friends of Corrine Brown during her campaign for re-election to Congress.

Federal Election Committee reports show Brown's new campaign committee continued to make payments to Berger Hirschberg Strategies through July 2010.

Records show the payment then stopped, even though the congresswoman didn't terminate the contract until September, according to the complaint.

Brown's attorney maintains she does not owe the firm any money.


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