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Clay County is Pleased with 2010-2011 School Grades


The School District of Clay County is very pleased with the 2010-2011 School Grades, released by the Florida Department of Education today:

  • Clay High                        -        A
  • Fleming Island High        -        A
  • Keystone Heights            -        A
  • Middleburg High              -        A  (First “A” in school’s history)
  • Oakleaf High                   -        B
  • Orange Park High            -        B
  • Ridgeview High               -        A

Remarks from Superintendent, Ben Wortham:  “The long wait was worth it!  I am extremely pleased with our high school grades and very excited for our administrators, staff, faculty and students.  Everyone deserves the be congratulated.  The high marks reflect FCAT achievement, improved graduation rate and acceleration performance.”

Remarks from Middleburg High School Principal, John O’Brian:  “I am extremely proud of everyone here at Middleburg High.  This is an awesome accomplishment and everyone deserves the credit… the students, teachers, support staff and, of course, Mr. David Broskie, who was the Principal here at MHS in 2010—2011.  All of us worked extremely hard, and we continue to do so, to ensure our students mature both socially and academically.  Hard work and ‘believing that we can succeed’ has become part of the culture here at MHS.”


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