Clay County "Pleased" with School Grades

“I am extremely pleased with the 2011 School Grades.  Once again, our students, employees, parents and community proved they were up to the task,” says Superintendent Ben Wortham.

Clay County Teachers Ratify the 2010-2011 Contract

Clay County Teachers Ratify the 2010-2011 Contract

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Teachers in Clay County have voted to ratify the 2010-2011 CCEA/CCSB Contract. Clay County teachers have worked without a contract since August.

Teachers voted Monday night, out of 1237 votes cast, 1172 in favor and 65 against.

In the new contract, teachers will receive their full year of experience on the salary schedule without retroactive pay. They will also receive full coverage of the single basic HMO health insurance beginning in 2011.

Clay County Named a “High Performing District”

The School District of Clay County is very proud to be named a “2011-2012 Academically High Performing School District” by the State Board of Education.  Only 12 other districts in the state received this designation.

JU Masters in Marine Science to Start in Fall of 2011

Jacksonville University is proud to announce our new Master of Science in Marine Science and Master of Arts in Marine Science (MS/MA) degree programs that are opening this fall. Each program is designed to provide its graduates with the specific knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a variety of marine-related positions in industry, government and education, as well as, for entry into doctoral marine science programs.

Keystone Heights High School Loses Power

Keystone Heights High School is without electricity, due to a tree across a major powerline.  All students, however, are housed SAFELY INSIDE with emergency lighting and they will remain in the tornado position until they receive an all-clear. KHHS anticipates electricity to be returned in the next hour. Crews from Clay Electric and the Clay County School Board are on site.

There is no phone service as well, but again ALL IS SAFE.

Summer Food Service Program for Clay County Schools

The Clay County District Schools will be participating in the Summer Food Service Program during the months of June and July.  We are required by USDA to arrange a media release to the public informing them of this information.  Therefore, we would like to request a release time of June 1st  by announcing this information.  During these economic times, it will be welcome news to many families in our county.

Teachers React to Merit Pay Law with Frustration

Teachers React to Merit Pay Law with Frustration

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Two days a week, kindergarten teacher Liz Crane is in the classroom, and the rest of the week she's in the Clay County Education Association office as president of the teachers union.

"I'm concerned with this bill, you will have high turnover," said Crane.

Crane, reacting to the passage of Florida Senate Bill 736 which was passed Wednesday, said that while Clay does not have a merit pay plan, all teachers now must pass a performance evaluation process.

"Are we assessing them? Are we doing all those things? Yes, we are. Do we have something in place to say the child gains so many points on the FCAT or the FAIR test, you're going to get an increase? No," she said.