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Black Creek floods yet again, homeowners concerned

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- The recent storms and rains have caused Black Creek to overflow and reach flood stage.

The creek continued to rise on Saturday.

In some cases the water has reached inside several homes and threatened others.

Flood stage along Black Creek is 16-feet, and Saturday morning it was over 18-feet. 

Some of the docks are completely underwater, but unfortunately for some homeowners, water was already in their homes.

Colin Barton's house, which sits between Black Creek and John Boy Creek, had several inches of water inside one of the bedrooms. 

Barton's friend, Steven Wilson, was there to help his friend salvage what they could.

"We had to move furniture, move all electronics off the ground, all kinds of cords , internet , pretty much take everything off the floor. But you couldn't get it all I noticed? No, bunch of stuff got ruined. Furniture got ruined, it is just a big mess. Man it's crazy,never expected it to come up this high," Wilson said. 

A nearby homeowner put sandbags out to protect his home against an expected one foot rise in the water levels Saturday afternoon and evening.

Another homeowner, Mary Goble, kept saying this is unreal. 

She has lived along Black Creek since 1981. She said last June's flooding was the only time she has seen it worse than it is now.

 Last summer her home was damaged by water.

"Very concerned, I was surprised, I didn't think it would be like this.  I can't believe it, one big dock of mine is completely covered and Lord it is coming up everywhere. Could go higher later they say? Oh Lord I will be really scared then. Very scary, because I have no insurance and no help," Goble said.

Many homeowners along Black Creek are hoping the predictions are true, that Black Creek will go below flood stage after midnight Sunday night.


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