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Big Business: Shrimpers in Brunswick Prepare for Hurricane Irene

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- There are endless nautical legends that give salty boat captains like Diane Adams clues about bad weather.

She was hustling Monday afternoon, filling her trawler with ice and rigging up.

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Adams said she wants to get one more drag in before Hurricane Irene gets close and makes it too rough for her crew.

"Hey, this is my livelihood," she said. "Right now with the price of shrimp so low and the cost of gas so high, I have to go whenever I can."

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But she said while it seems like madness, there is method to it. She's been around shrimp boats her whole life.

"Like right now when the weather is okay it seems to me like the shrimp are down deep, almost like they're hiding," she said.

"But when the storms come it's almost like it tricks them to come up, and the shrimp show up before and after the storm."

That may or may not be true, but she believes it. It's a lesson she said has been passed down through generations of shrimpers she grew up around. 

"I've got to do everything I can, sometimes I have to live on the boat, this is what I use to support my daughter and granddaughter, too."

She won't be far behind the storm either, she said. Adams plans on tying her boat up to a strong, inland pier as the storm goes by, staying on board just in case it breaks free.

"If it gets loose at least I can crank it up and try to get it back to the dock, if I don't then it'll probably sink and then that'll be it."

And after the storm passes, she hopes to get right back on the water in search of more Georgia shrimp.


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